A movement to connect Oregon’s youth with current and future industry partners to create a new wave of aviation and aerospace opportunities across our state.



Promoting the value of STEM and CTE related activities to school districts across the state with the intent of seeing more aviation-related education programs come on-line.


Bringing K12 and Post Secondary educators together to build career pathways that meet the present needs of flight-related businesses operating in Oregon.


Support the creation of new aviation and aerospace businesses within the state, and recruit existing enterprises to expand their operations to Oregon.


Keep Oregon talent and innovation within our own communities, bringing revitalization to local economies and an exciting energy that fosters hope and prosperity.



  • Fixed-Wing Pilot
  • Rotary-Wing Pilot
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Marketing
  • Aviation Advocacy
  • Airport Operations
  • Business Management
  • Business Development


  • Annual conference for educators and industry partners from every part of the state, to learn, share ideas and needs, identify opportunities for mutual support, and be inspired to do more with aviation and aerospace workforce development in their communities.

  • Traveling videography team tasked with capturing footage of each educational program and industry partner, on a biannual basis.

  • Promotional campaign directed toward businesses outside our state highlighting the opportunity to expand or relocate here.

  • Promotional campaign directed toward potential donors and funders in the state of Oregon with a call to support STEM and CTE based aviation programs and career pathways.

  • Advocacy with ODE, ODA and Legislature.

  • Work with leaders – elected, school administrators, business owners – in communities with airports to start aviation related programs in their schools.